Aspit AS is a leading provider of technological solutions in Norway’s health sector, having launched the country’s first Cloud-based EPJ solution over 10 years ago.

Up Norway

Up Norway is Norway's number one travel curator, providing authentic experiences to discerning global travelers. It has partnered with exclusive pathfinder hosts to provide travelers with an unforgettable experience of Norway.

Nordeca AS

Nordeca AS is a leading geographic information services company in the Nordic area. The company is one of the largest providers of geographical data in Norway. Its main product – a geographic information service portfolio named ‘Nordeca Insight’ – enables management representatives and leaders to gather market insights on a specific geographical area in Norway. Nordeca provides a user-friendly and complete tool for analysis, decision support, reporting, and follow-up.

Pack & Send

With operations spanning over 25 years, across 130 Service Centres, PACK & SEND is a leading Australian logistics solutions provider. Their strengths include maintaining close relationships with customers and the ability to provide logistics solutions for the FLAV (Fragile, Large, Awkward, Valuable) market, through brick and mortar business operations with highly competitive rates compared to leading carriers in the market. As the most recognized logistics reseller in Australia, PACK & SEND consolidates the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point under one brand - allowing their customers to save time, trouble and money on all their logistics needs.


Norway-based DRIW operates with the aim of being innovative and was recognized as the first company to utilize barcodes for warehouses in Norway, as well as for adopting voice technology for ‘picking’ jobs. A pioneer in the industry with over 36 years to its name, DRIW specializes in providing logistics software to Nordic retail and wholesale businesses in the short-term, and focuses on expanding to global markets as a long-term objective. Their prime focus is to build software that captures all aspects of retail supply chain management.


Ticombo is an innovative ticket selling platform that allows organizers, resellers and private people to sell or resell event tickets. It is a transparent marketplace, where buyers and sellers can interact with each other. With a mission to change how fans experience buying tickets for their favorite live events, the Ticombo team works tirelessly to build a fair, easy and secure ticket platform for fans all around the world.

Task Analytics

Task Analytics is exactly what its name states – an analytics platform that focuses on users, their needs and how these needs are met. The culmination of years of research in top task methodology and user testing, Task Analytics is trusted by leading brands and digital agencies to deliver a non-invasive engagement tool that helps discover the why behind the metrics being measured by traditional web analytics tools.


With a 70% market share in the vehicle inspection industry in Norway, BUS needed to go in for a major technological upgrade to continue to inspect thousands of vehicles each day. This transformation took place so successfully, they continued to introduce more applications addressing various industry pain-points, all of which have been very successful.


Norway-based Compello AS is a pioneer in EDI and Electronic Invoice automation in the region, with over 15 years of experience in the field. Compello’s Invoice Approval is the leading solution for companies that want to streamline their internal billing process by using electronic invoicing. The solution includes features for scanning, invoice interpretation, certification, approval and transfer to an accounting system.


Hatteland delivers innovative products to make businesses more efficient, reliable and secure. They commenced by selling electronic components in 1971 and were successful but this success brought along challenges. To solve these challenges, they developed their own solutions and reliable business systems that are now recognized and used by multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Uni Micro AS

A pioneer in system development, Uni Micro is a firm advocate of embracing latest technologies – a trait that has helped them become one of the leading suppliers of software in finance and administration. Their focus on creating functional solutions that are user-friendly and flexible has seen them acquire a strong customer-base across industries. This emphasis on innovation ensures that Uni Micro is constantly able to maintain an updated and state-of-the-art accounting program, regardless of size or industry.


A leading Norwegian-based risk management consultancy firm, Whatif commenced in the early 2000s dealing with paper-based risk management, branching out into a gamification approach through a board game backed by consultancy services provided by the company. They approached 99X Technology to be their developmental partner in migrating the physical Whatif product onto a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which 99X Technology did very successfully, bringing about the transfer of Whatif’s entire IT operations to Colombo.


A subsidiary of the Icelandic Samherji-Group, IceFresh is a fresh fish processing company that operates in Poland, Germany, Spain, France and more since its establishment in 2004.


This is a Norway-based company founded in 2011, providing several properties related services to Norwegian property owners and professionals. Boligmappa now offers to home owners, Boligmappa Bedrift to professionals and a very powerful API for third parties to build applications on top of the Boligmappa system.


SuperOffice is a European supplier of CRM solutions to the professional business-to-business market, with subsidiaries, distributors and value-added resellers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Japan. SuperOffice also delivers consulting services related to strategic CRM issues, implementation, and integration and user education. More than 12,000 European companies now use SuperOffice both as an on-premise version, which runs on Windows and Web platforms, as well as a Software as a Service (Saas) solution called ‘SuperOffice CRM Online’. This includes mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Icon Global

Icon Global is an Australian company that owns a product called carelink+, the only independent Australian solution for the community services sector. The carelink+ suite of products has grown organically to become the sector’s primary client management system. carelink+ serves over 140 clients across Australia and is backed by over 50 staff. Multi-program management is its specialty, with the solution expertly serving Disability, Family and Child Services, Out of Home Care and Community Frail Aged. With over 15 years’ experience in community services, carelink+ draws on its vast experience for best practice deployments.


A global expert in reconciling transactions and automating the Financial Close, Adra is a Norwegian-based software provider in the data-matching domain. Since its inception in 1989, Adra has grown to be a market leader in Europe serving over 3,000 customers in the region, with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden. 99X Technology came on-board as their developmental partner in 2011, when Adra decided to move their legacy desktop-based system to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and needed an innovative and dependable technology service provider to engineer this paradigm shift.

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