Whatif AS revolutionizes global Risk Management together with 99X Technology

  • September 23, 2017
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Leading risk management consultancy Whatif has made the most volatile aspect of any organization its business. It takes vulnerabilities from corporates and sorts them through cutting-edge tools that allow the sharing of risks and solutions across the company, bringing about high value addition. Starting off as a gamified paper-based framework, Whatif enlisted 99X Technology’s expertise in software product engineering to shift the entire process to an intuitive cloud/web-based framework. This was a move primarily aimed at powering on-demand risk analysis tools to Whatif’s client network, spread across 12 industry spheres in the European region.

Whatif CEO Kjetil Odin Johnsen’s approach to risk management was embraced and executed successfully from its inception, but even while this paper-based consultancy was taking off, Johnsen, was already envisioning the next phase – moving the entire process to a Cloud platform to empower Whatif’s end-users with on-demand risk analysis services.

This new and adaptable web-based tool delivers business vulnerabilities in real-time to customers and allows them to collaboratively discover and manage risks at both strategic and operational levels, across industries. Further, this automation frees up internal human capital within organizations bringing about significant value addition to their clients.

Bolstered by this success, Whatif together with 99X Technology as their partner in building market winning products, started looking at the analysis of vulnerabilities more deeply, creating niche tools to deal with specific areas in risk management.  This further included the migration of the Whatif product to Microservices using ‘Docker’, bringing about significant cost benefits through independent releases and shorter delivery cycles, which also benefited Whatif’s clients who received updates and new features more frequently.

Ståle O. Olsen, Chief Operating Officer of Whatif, commenting on the partnership with the 99X Technology team, said, “The Whatif and 99X Technology teams have been working together through many years and is now a team where all roles are filled with very competent members, all of whom are familiar with every aspect of our applications and systems, and have a good knowledge of what the customers need and view as important.”

Currently, the product engineering and R&D teams at 99X Technology are engaged in devising integration strategies for Whatif’s upcoming plan. This phase is targeted at ensuring a seamless integration of another one of Whatif’s core products aimed at reshaping the entire sphere of risk management going forward.


About Whatif

Whatif AS is a Norwegian-based Risk Analysis Solutions provider that delivers intuitive web and mobile tools across multiple industries, allowing corporates to share risks and solutions among users and frees internal human capital to enable them add value to their organizations. The solutions are provided to high-end European clientele who place great emphasis on security in and around the applications, and all solutions are developed in accordance with applicable regulations.

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