Engagement Model


Our engagement model commences with a workshop that provides an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to lay a solid foundation for a long term relationship. The workshop covers important aspects such as understanding the customer’s needs, assessing the right fit and discussing the scope of work for the pilot engagement. The pilot engagement is usually 2-3 months long, and focuses on establishing the project team, required infrastructure, common toolset, project methodology and delivering the scope for the pilot engagement. This timeframe helps us to nurture our relationship with the customer, to evolve as an Extended Partner in supporting their product development.

Product Engineering is Different

Over a decade of experience tells us that the engineering needs of software products are vastly different to the needs of bespoke applications. Therefore we are focused on hyper-specialising in the art and science of software product engineering.
We have also uniquely positioned ourselves to work with mid-sized Nordic ISVs just like you, because we understand the impact of delivering high quality, disruptive products in the Nordic region. Product Engineering is our forte and below is a comparison of Application Development versus Product Engineering so that you can better understand our strengths in providing you with the latter:

Application Development

  • Bespoke Design for an enterprise
  • Business specific architecture
  • Less focus on Agility
  • Built in Braiding and Identity
  • Embedded Sales and Marketing

Product Engineering

  • Resalable Software asset for Independent Software Vendors
  • Open and Generic architecture
  • Possess greater flexibility and Agility
  • One product with Multiple Re-branding options
  • Opportunity to sell and market to a wider group


What we offer

What We Offer

We are deeply concerned about product engineering as the core, covering end-to-end aspects right from hypothesis validation to architecture > design > development > quality assurance > product release. We also have strong expertise in being a software quality assurance partner, and provide quality assurance services to ISVs. Our mobile enablement center has wide exposure in developing apps for smartphones, iPads and tablets. We supplement the product engineering practices with services such as automation, continuous integration and deployment, security assessment and user experience

Product Engineering Maturity model

SPEC is a maturity model designed exclusively by 99X Technology that can be embraced by distributed product engineering teams to secure business continuity. The goal of the model is to accumulate and govern the knowledge and experience of successfully delivering software products. SPEC Areas address the primary cross-cutting concerns of distributed product engineering. Areas are further divided into 5 sub areas, each with multiple measurable practices under it. Practices are categorized as per levels, that are to be satisfied in certifying under a given maturity level

Areas of SPEC M2
Visible Quality
Persona Awareness
Model Bootstrap
Relationship Management
Agility in Design
Hypothesis Invalidation
Team Culture
Product Assistance
Production Stability
Feature Delivery
Blue Oceans
Service Introduction
Software Productization
Operational Analytics
Peer Feedback
Organizational Sharing
Delivery Automation
User Experience
Continuous Learning
Community Sharing


Open Source




J2EE / Java


Security Offering












We are neutral when it comes to technology but believe in using the right tools, open standards and smart integrations. We have vast experience in Microsoft, Java, HTML5/JS, Azure, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Mac OS X technologies, with which our research teams could assist you in using niche technologies that suit your needs.

Process Maturity

We, as a company, have evolved, by adopting different practices to suit our business model and by having experienced people who have been involved in establishing the company’s processes which comply with international standards – this is one of our strengths. We tailor make the project process so that it suits the customer’s interests while encompassing the best practices from ISO, CMMi and Agile.


Adapting Software Product Engineering Continuity Maturity Model (SPECM2) across different projects


ISO 27001:2005 Certified


ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Launch of EC Light Process


ISO 9001:2000 Certification


Pioneers in RUP and UML in Sri Lanka


Introduction of Lean Agile & Scrum-ban


Evolved as a high-end product engineering partner to ISVs


ISO 9001:2000 re-certified
CMMI level 3 certified (1st in Sri Lanka)
Launch of EC Process 2 (Blend of ISO 9001:2000 CMMI & Agile)


Launch of EC Process (Inline with ISO 9001:2000)